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This is a copy of interview published on India Writes http://www.indiawrites.org/in-conversation/world-within-jack-makani/

At 72, Jack Makani defies his age. He is the epitome of fitness. He stands tall and looks suave, attired in his signature blue shirt tucked into a black trouser. A matching black leather belt and black shoes complete the look. A blue cardigan carelessly slung around his shoulder is quite a style statement at his age. He may be beyond all that, but it’s hard to miss his overall persona that spells enigma and magic, literally. On his fourth visit to India, Makani continues to propagate his philosophy of healing with the same zeal as he did years ago.

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Improving Workplace Retention

Many organizations in today’s highly competitive business environment are struggling to answer the question: ‘How do we retain onto our best people?’Dr. Garry McDaniel Professor

Minimizing employee turnover now ranks with finding new employees as one of the toughest challenges in this difficult economy. New research by Best Practices LCC, confirms what we have suspected for a long time, retaining top employees is critical to ongoing productivity and effectiveness.

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Leading Through Conflict

Even when viewed from a distance, the tip of an iceberg presents a formidable obstacle on the ocean’s surface.  As the passengers of the Titanic discovered, an iceberg’s true danger lies unseen since 90% remains hidden beneath the waves. This is also true with conflict in the workplace, where employees 

Dr. Garry McDaniel Professor

frequently ‘solve’ surface problems but fail to address the underlying causes which led to the conflict in the first place.  By focusing only on surface issues, employees see the same problems rise from the depths over and over and spend valuable time and effort ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic’ instead of fixing the leaks below the waterline that would have substantial impact upon productivity, service, and morale.  Effective leaders go beyond surface solutions and help employees identify and address the root causes of conflict.

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The need of personal development during globalisation


We receive offers for new software all the time. A new version of Microsoft or Apple and a chance to upgrade the old one. The same counts for genetics – we are even able to heal illness by the use of genetic manipulation. Business consultants are busy to work on improvement of organisations to create more efficiency. The purpose continuesly seems to be: How to get more effect for less expense.

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