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Membership Criteria

Associate Member 

To become an Associate Coach member in ICTA the student should have at least 200 hours of practical training in coaching (including a professional training course, personal change work and client work). An Associate Coach member possesses a basic level of coaching expertise and must be able to:

  • Create rapport to any coachee
  • Identify the problem behind the symptom
  • Assist Coachee to elicit the core values and to resolve conflicting values
  • Assist Coachee at both the conscious and subconscious levels
  • Assist Coachee to set up an ecological goal and create focus towards that
  • Assist Coachee to identify resistance, check the ecology and if necessary create the change needed to achieve the goal
  • Assist Coachee to set up a plan of action and a way to evaluate the steps leading to the goal.

A Professional ICTA Trainer can evaluate and certify at this membership level.

This level of membership is free of charge.

Professional Member

ICTA offers 2 kinds of professional membership: ICTA Professional Master Coach and ICTA Professional Trainer  


To become certified as an ICTA Professional Master Coach the student must have 500 hours of professional training including              

  • at least 30 hours of received personal coaching/therapy,  
  • at least 20 hours of received supervision on her/his client work given by a professional supervisor acknowledged by the accredited institute, 
  • at least 50 hours of coaching sessions given to clients unknown to the student.

The Accredited ICTA Institute decides the methodology and contents of the training courses.                                                  

 Certification takes place individually by presenting a session either with a live client or on video to a Master Trainer from an Accredited ICTA Institute.

A Master Coach is a person who

  • Creates rapport at a deep level to any coachee
  • Identifies the patterns and basic problems behind the symptom
  • Assists Coachee to elicit core values and to resolve conflicting values
  • Assists Coachee to make lasting change at the subconscious level
  • Assists Coachee to set up an ecological goal and create focus towards that
  • Assists Coachee to set up a plan of action and to find the deep motivation to create the life s/he wants.

Only Master Trainers can evaluate and certify Master Coaches



To become certified as an ICTA Professional Trainer the student must have 500 hours of professional training, including  

  • at least 200 hours of basic training in practical psychology - including a professional training course, personal change work and client work 
  • at least 200 hours training courses in his/her specialty 
  • at least 100 hours Trainer’s Training course.

The details of the contents of training courses will depend on the student’s choice of branch (NLP, Enneagram, Hypnosis, Coaching etc.)

Certification takes place as a written evaluation covering basic and advanced knowledge of the student’s special branch (NLP, Enneagram, Hypnosis, Coaching etc.) and an oral teaching session, evaluated by a Master Trainer from an accredited ICTA Institute. The students are certified as Professional Trainer within their chosen branch.

A Professional Trainer is a person who

  • Creates rapport at a deep level with any group
  • Can lead the group participants into different states to support their learning
  • Can teach any topic within his chosen branch overtly and covertly
  • Can teach to the participants’ conscious as well as subconscious mind
  • Supports participant’s learning processes and growth in many ways
  • Can design new training courses and exercises
  • Can do effective demonstrations of all topics within his branch
  • Can give feedback to others with excellent rapport 

Only Master Trainers can evaluate and certify Trainers.

The annual fee for Professional ICTA membership (Master Coach/ Trainer)  is 100 Euros. 

An ICTA Master Trainer is a person who has an extensive training experience, who is a role model for other Trainers, and who has contributed with new developments within his/ her field. ICTA Master Trainers have the privilege of certifying members at levels of Master Coach and Trainer. They set up and supervise the training programs of the ICTA Certified Institutes, and are the guarantors that the Institutes offer their students a very high level of training, meeting the standards of ICTA. 

Criteria for certification 
A. Practical experience
- A Minimum of 5 years as ICTA Certified Trainer, doing a number of successful trainings per year at basic and advanced level, at least 200 students during the period. 
- Must have assisted at a Trainer's Training (10 days) at least once. 

B. Contribution
- Must have contributed to the development and marketing of his/her branch (such as: NLP/Enneagram/Coaching/Healing/Hypnosis) by publishing a book or a DVD series or the like. 
- Must have developed a new and unique training programme, in accordance with personal values, utilizing personal strengths 

C. Satisfactory demonstration of the following competencies
- Being able to teach at Basic and Advanced level with immediate recall of any topic from memory without notes
- Being able to put any topic into a bigger frame, explaining its connection to his/her special branch as a whole
- Demonstrate ability to shift between content and form / between experience and labelling
- Demonstrate ability to do what one is teaching and to teach what one is doing 
- Demonstrate knowledge of the branch, its history and development and of related organisations worldwide

D. Demonstrate an excellent level of Trainer skills:
a. Group rapport, pacing and leading
b. Respect for audience 
c. Ability to answer questions 
d. Designing goals for a lesson and accomplishing these 
e. Designing new exercises and explaining them 
g. Using metaphors and trance with group
h. Be a master of giving feedback
i. Do successful demonstrations before the group
j. Lead group processes 
k. Demonstrate a personal style, using personal strengths 

Certification process
When a Trainer meets the above criteria, he /she will ask a Master Trainer to evaluate his/her skill level. The Master Trainer may suggest more training before certification, such as:
- co-teaching or assisting at one or several basic trainings / or advanced trainings with feedback
- individual follow-up sessions
- assisting at a Trainer's Training one more time 

When the Trainer meets all the above criteria, he/ she will be certified by 2 Master Trainers during a training session. The Trainer will pay the Master Trainer their expenses and a fee decided by the Master Trainers (this fee cannot exceed 250 Euros pr. person).


Accredited Institute (level 3)

An ICTA Accredited Institute is headed by a Professional Master Trainer or by a Professional ICTA Trainer who is a student in the Master Trainer’s program and is supervised by an ICTA Master Trainer.

The annual fee for an Accredited Institute is 100 Euros. 

* People trained somewhere else than with an ICTA Accredited Institute can join ICTA if they fulfill the criteria and can provide all the necessary documentation for that (certificates, documented client work, individual coaching and supervision). 

The ICTA Training hours are 50 minutes. Our policy is professionalism and flexibility.

To apply for membership, please click here to fill out an application form.