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Membership fee

There are 3 levels of membership in ICTA:

1) Associate Member

This level of membership is free of charge and requires advanced level of coaching expertise

2) Professional member

This level require a highly skilled professional. The annual fee for professional membership is 100 euro.

3) Accredited Institute

Accredited Institute is headed by a Professional Master Trainer or a Professional Trainer supervised by a Master Trainer. This level of membership requires annual fee of 100 euro.

The annual fee is paid to a special account for ICTA payments only and is used by ICTA to administrate membership service, to market the organization and its members by running the website www.intercoaching.net and to organize the annual international conference for members. Extra funds are used to support selected research projects carried out by members or to support people in the world with needs.

To apply for membership, please click here.